Goodie Bags – Where do you stand – Are they effective?

The question was put to me a few days ago on the effectiveness of the good old “Goodie Bag” and whether it has any benefit.

Well, it comes down to a few things:

1. Has any thought gone into the items included?

2. Has the target market been considered?

3. What other options are available?

The contents of the bag and even the bag itself are important in equal measure. If the bag looks like it was grabbed from a shop shelve as an after thought, then the contents will be viewed in the same light, even if that’s not the case.There are a large range of quality bags available from a good promotional merchandise company, but the event needs to be considered and this is where you should ask your Promo rep. as many questions as possible to narrow down your choice and maximize his or her’s knowledge.

Once the bag has been picked, then the contents will determine if you get a return on investment. Your target market need to be taken into account when choosing your gifts. We would recommend steering clear of packing in too many flyers, brochures, cards and unnecessary paper. Best options are gifts that are used in the office or in leisure activities on  regular basis and with a large print area to maximize your brand.

Alternatives to the Goodie Bag:

Generally speaking,  your aim in all this is to solidify your brand with your existing client base, so they aren’t tempted to move to the competition and maybe, even refer you to new clients. Well placed items like, umbrellas, water bottles, mouse mats, travel mugs and clothing are all good options with large print areas and can be a very cost effective option to the Goodie Bag.

So, Like any great event, which is planned well in advance, the same has to be done for the Goodie Bag, otherwise, I wouldn’t bother. Last minute never works.

Your first port of call should be your Promotional Merchandise Company…


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